Sunday, March 29, 2009

The First Armored Division

The First Armored Division
(sung to the tune of: As Time Goes By)

This is about my four sisters and my mom, of whom it was said by a brother-in-law:
"I didn't realize that I was marrying into the first armored division!"

The army I was born into was raised with great precision.
A "first armored division", with me the one revision.
But, this isn't brag or bluster, I barely answered muster,
While the ladies who preceeded me rode off like General Custer.
Their battle pennants flying, they offer no surcease.
I guess there's no denying that I’ll have to sue for peace.


And, I’ll remember this, each time I reminisce, a guy is just a guy,
The matriarchal rules apply, as time goes by.
I got up off all fours by opening the doors for ladies passing by.
A custom that remains today, as time goes by.
They need no amendment, need no E R A,
They're independant, and I’m here to say,
I love them all and that's how it will stay
Until the day I die.

So, I propose a toast, to those I honor most,
I raise my glass on high.
The girls have earned their "victory medals"
As time goes by.

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