Sunday, March 29, 2009

The First Armored Division

The First Armored Division
(sung to the tune of: As Time Goes By)

This is about my four sisters and my mom, of whom it was said by a brother-in-law:
"I didn't realize that I was marrying into the first armored division!"

The army I was born into was raised with great precision.
A "first armored division", with me the one revision.
But, this isn't brag or bluster, I barely answered muster,
While the ladies who preceeded me rode off like General Custer.
Their battle pennants flying, they offer no surcease.
I guess there's no denying that I’ll have to sue for peace.


And, I’ll remember this, each time I reminisce, a guy is just a guy,
The matriarchal rules apply, as time goes by.
I got up off all fours by opening the doors for ladies passing by.
A custom that remains today, as time goes by.
They need no amendment, need no E R A,
They're independant, and I’m here to say,
I love them all and that's how it will stay
Until the day I die.

So, I propose a toast, to those I honor most,
I raise my glass on high.
The girls have earned their "victory medals"
As time goes by.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


In sharing my philosophy
I find that I am able
to use, in my phraseology,
The Periodic Table.

When we are in the bloom of youth
our thoughts and words are bold.
The future seems to be, in truth,
a highway paved with AU.

Each night presents a star-filled sky,
each day the sun is shining.
And every cloud that passes by
contains an AG lining.

Such sentiments can help us win
when aiming for the moon.
But, if we let depression in,
we ride a PB ballon.

And so, my friend, when all is told,
there's this much to be said:
The cup of life is made of AU,
a coffin's lined with PB.